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Quality Sleep for a Quality Life

Sleepy young business woman sitting at office desk, working with a laptop and yawning

30 Ways To Fight Afternoon Sleepiness- And Win Every Time

All the sleep health advice you’ve ever read and learned is wrong. Doesn’t matter from where- doctors, books, class, websites, brochures- all wrong. Not just wrong either, dead wrong. So wrong it makes you want to go back to your 4-hour sleep schedule and toss everything you’ve ever learned about sleep hygiene out the window.…
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July 31, 2018 0
How to increase melatonin naturally

How To Increase Melatonin Naturally And Without Supplements

  Melatonin to sleep as a quarterback is to football When playing football, your team needs someone to direct the action in the field. You need a person to execute the coaches directives and lead the offensive. In football, it’s the quarterback’s job to take care of this. In this respect, sleep happens to be…
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August 25, 2017 14
how much rem sleep do you need

How Much REM Sleep Do You Need To Feel Remarkable?

One of the common themes throughout the articles in Rested Life is that getting the right amount of sleep is sometimes not as important as getting the best quality sleep.   Unfortunately, quality sleep eludes most of us. Many people live life feeling tired and drowsy, never taking a moment to question whether that should be…
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July 21, 2017 2
10 ways to sleep better and faster

10 Ways To Sleep Better And Faster Starting Today! [Infographic]

People spend countless hours searching for answers to the top questions of the world: Are we alone in the Universe? Why do people dream? How in the world can I stay awake? Well, I’m not sure about the first one, and I do have a few ideas about the second, but still no cigar. But the third…
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June 10, 2017 1
common sleep disorders adults should watch out for

5 Common Sleep Disorders Adults Should Watch Out For

If sleep where a friend, it’d be that one friend that no matter how often you see, you’re always just as happy to see him. Even after spending 73,000 hours together, you simply cannot get enough time hanging out with him. Or at least, that’s how it should be…   Inadequate sleep is a big problem in the…
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May 26, 2017 10
How to Stay Awake

12 How To Stay Awake Tactics For Maximum Productivity

 You wake up in the morning, get some breakfast and start thinking about all the productive things you’ll do today: you’ve got homework to finish, meetings to attend, projects to plan… You get to class or work. Then after sitting down for just a few minutes you suddenly get “the feeling”. A persistent weakness begins to…
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February 6, 2017 12