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respironics dreamwear review

Philips Respironics DreamWear Review- Don’t Buy Until You Read This!

If I could use one word to describe how most sleep apnea patients feel about CPAP, I’d pick “frustrated”. Who can blame us? Sleep is, to many people, one of the best parts of the day. To some, it might even be the best part of being alive. Life is a bit different for us…
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September 5, 2018 0
Sleepy young business woman sitting at office desk, working with a laptop and yawning

30 Ways To Fight Afternoon Sleepiness- And Win Every Time

All the sleep health advice you’ve ever read and learned is wrong. Doesn’t matter from where- doctors, books, class, websites, brochures- all wrong. Not just wrong either, dead wrong. So wrong it makes you want to go back to your 4-hour sleep schedule and toss everything you’ve ever learned about sleep hygiene out the window.…
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July 31, 2018 0
ResMed AirTouch F20 Mask Reviewed

ResMed AirTouch F20 Review: Will This Foam Cushion Transform CPAP?

They say nothing lasts forever A bit over a year ago, I thought I had found the last CPAP mask I was ever going to have to buy. It was a very comfortable and effective mask. Perhaps naively, I thought it would last me for years and years to come.  Unfortunately, the world of sleep apnea…
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July 3, 2018 1
Natural Treatments for rls and remedies

7 Best Natural Treatments For Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome affects an estimated 10% of all adults in the U.S. Characterized by a strong urge to move one’s legs while at rest along with feelings of discomfort, restless leg syndrome is one of the most common sleep disorders. Although it affects a wide range of people from different age groups, most patients with…
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June 11, 2018 0
cpap faq problems

The Most Common CPAP Problems: FAQ Page

When it comes to CPAP, finding the necessary amount of comfort and effectiveness can be a surprisingly tricky task. Sleep apnea patients are often surprised once they start their therapy and quickly find out that CPAP is in a class by itself of medical treatments. One big reason is because CPAP doesn’t come in a one-size-fits-all, plug and play package. Unlike, say a headache, you…
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March 14, 2018 0
Alert energy gum full review

The Ultimate Alert Gum Review: Don’t Try Any Caffeine Gum Before Reading This!

Let’s face it, coffee might as well be another of humanities basic necessities, arguably up there with oxygen and sleep. All of us can probably agree on the countless hours of wakefulness and productivity that humans would’ve missed out on if coffee hadn’t been invented. But, what happens when sleepiness and tiredness begin taking over…
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March 2, 2018 3
problems with over counter sleep aids

The 6 Problems With Over-Counter Sleep Aids That No One Tells You About

It’s Official, We’ve Got A Problem… Just about a year ago, insufficient sleep was declared a national epidemic by the CDC. Lack of enough sleep is one of those occurrences that everyone acknowledges to be a problem. Unfortunately, due to it being so common, many people see it as less of an issue than it really…
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January 7, 2018 0
why do children nap

Why Do Children Need Naps? This is Why Infancy May Be The Busiest Time Of All

As parents, nannies, and caretakers, our top priority is to give our kids everything they could possibly need to live a happy and healthy life. For young children and toddlers, a big part of this has to do with making sure that they’re sleeping the right amount and in the right ways. A child’s sleeping…
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November 11, 2017 0
women don't snore

What Causes Snoring In Women? 10 Reasons Why Women Snore

Girls don’t snore.  (Or do they?) Snoring is often stereotyped as something that only guys do; and not without good reason. We all know guys that seem to be dreaming that they’re lawnmowers every time they sleep.  Though research on patients with snoring problems shows that males are most often affected, women are not by…
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September 28, 2017 2
what causes nightmares in adults and how to stop them

What Causes Nightmares In Adults And How To Stop Them

For thousands of years, both dreams and nightmares have been of central interest to humans. Very often, dreams and nightmares would be interpreted as a rendering of information between the spirit realm and the human world. In Mesopotamia (circa 3100BC), dreams and nightmares were seen as messages from the gods and prophecies about the future.…
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September 8, 2017 1